Sunday, July 18, 2010

What the hell is Wolverine doing in my hometown?

I live in Hollywood and have had a decent amount of celebrity sightings here and there. But I don't see them that often because I'm not typically in areas where we would cross paths, and I'm also not on a permanent look out for them. I maintain that if I was in line for a sandwich and Johnny Depp or someone was near me, I'd be too busy to notice.

Johnny Depp: Excuse me, are you done ordering?
Me: In a minute, they put tomatoes on my order when I specifically asked them NOT to. Ugh, can you believe it? Hmm, he looks familiar. Oh well.

But there is one thing I certainly would notice. This man:

Humina humina, humina! Awoogah! Awoogah!
In this place:

That's a great deal on Vidalia Onions!

The place? A local grocery store called Colasanti's in my hometown (which I recommend). That's right. I moved all the way across the country and missed my chance to see Hugh Jackman in a store that is literally ten minutes away from the house I grew up in.

Not. Fair.

When my friend from back home mentioned it on Facebook, I had to ask if he was serious. But apparently, Hugh Jackman is filming something in a nearby town, and he stopped in to get some groceries (I'd also recommend the bread Mr. Jackman).

I cannot wrap my head around this image though. I cannot picture Hugh Jackman in that grocery store, let alone in my hometown. And on top of that, I cannot think what on earth he'd do for entertainment in hometown. Because there's not a whole lot to do. What's he going to do? Visit the Kensington Metro Park and do some hiking or visit the farm (if he's lucky, there'll be piglets!)? Canoe? Bowl? Play hide and seek at Walmart or Meijer with friends (something I've never done, but friends of mine have. I've been bored, but I've never been that bored)?

The mind boggles.

And I still don't regret moving out of my hometown. Hugh Jackman sighting or no.

The Wolverine in his natural habitat.

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  1. My dear sister,

    Let me first begin by lauding your remembrance of our shared childhood, albeit from a largely cinematic perspective. Before I praise you further, I think it would be prudent to note, for the sake of your audience's edification, that I am more than willimg to confirm, as a real-life witness, that you have been a lifetime, dedicated film enthusiast from the get-go. I do remember you squatting in front of the television with tears pouring from your eyes over the plight of the various characters of the "Wizard of Oz," and I do also remember scaring the living shit out of you via a conned viewing of Michael Jackson's "Thriller," multiple times. (You were a near was too easy) But, perhaps more importantly, I have particularly enjoyed reading your tales of our mutual bildungsroman period. Oh what memories! Though I still cannot stand dinosaurs, "dinos," or "dino-mania" of any sort, it was so much fun watching you in your paleontologist period. (At the time I was indifferent, but now, since I'm not 12-14, I have the capacity to appreciate our truly sweet family moments) In short, I'm thrilled your doing this for everyone and, I think, if others read it they will enjoy it too. To that end, (I don't know how tags really work) I ask, should I lace future posts with pornographic/popular terms to generate more "hits?" Let me know.

    Your Brother in Arms